so today i'll be sharing about my holiday in Turkey,  i went to turkey for about 10 days, and my total lost was only like 4k, including the flights, Its quite cheap laa for me, cuz its 10 days and i went to several places,  i covered istanbul for 5 days, cappadocia for 2 days, pamukkale 2 days, and 1 day in Bursa.

From Malaysia. it took around 12 hours to turkey if its a direct flight,
but i took Royal Jordanian Airlines, and i have few transits, one in Bangkok and another in Amaan.
it is tiring to have a few and long transit, but the ticket was cheap, so ai redhaa haha
being economical *cough cheapo cough* is more important than comfort hahahha
but hey, the good thing is you can explore their airport, and if your stopover is more than 8 hours, you are eligible for thier transit accommodation, so you wont be so restless waiting for the next flight

Queen Alia International Airport, Aman its a very nice airport, and they have free wifi so theres really like no problem trans…