meow nation :3

meow meow meow 
i love cat ! especially cute little kitten ~ awww
ok,despite the fact that i am allergic to them,i still cant resist. 
because they are so adorable :3 :3 :3

so i want to introduce to you ladies and gentlemen ~ 
*drum rolls*
my cats , my cute furry fluffy cats :D hee

so the first is coco
most all of my friend knew coco, because hes just so famous ~ eheh

so coco first came to our house mase dia kecik sangat sangat
mase tu he still need breast feeding , poor little kitty
so we do all we can to make sure he got what he needs, DHA , omega
ok tak, haha. we put some milk on our finger tip and let he lick it,sebab dia tak pandai nak jilat dalam bekas lagi,di khuatiri lemas dalam mangkuk . 

coco in his kiddy kitten years

in his teenage years
pretend u dont see the messy background
focus to coco only
*thats enab's bed btw :b

but now, u just cant believe !
he is soo big 0.o and heavy -.-
cute cute cute

ayah cakap coco is the longest cat in salor ~ hahaha. 
see, he is LONG ! 

strong and good looking alpha male i can say , herher
 muka alpha male yang bangga ~ herher

 and he sleep not like any other cat. macam raja -..-

and did u noticed that coco fur become darker
i mean he did really became coco , haha

and then cici came
she is my cousin's cat actually,
and i dont know they story why did she had been transfered to our house
well,shes the only female now, 
so we can get zuriat of coco.  hehe

remember that cici. dont go around and flirt with other male . 

and then bibi came :D
awww, hes cute, and he ate a lot ! 

 boleyh jadi model kucing , hee

so yeah, we have three cats now,
and coco and bibi is actually kucing buangan, 
i actually dont get it, why do people throw their cat dekat masjid ?
i mean there is no source of food , 
so thats why we take the cats and give them food and love , aww

 this is their 'happy area'
 its where the food
 the shelter
 the place to sleep
 the place to play

 u can compare how big is coco compare to bibi
 makan makan :D
their vitamins is more than what i have -.-

this is coco happy place :D

their "mouse"
 coco went to clinic

 they love to climb this wall, and bibi always stucked on it -.- haha

this is how they are when u are going to start cooking -.- serabukksss

and i always regret
every single time i play with them i regret
sakits hidungs
owh and sorry for the picture, malas nak rotate -.- herher
and last but not least 

muka cici terkejut . harhar



coco macam kucing ika dulu . nama kucing ika dulu yamm . hehe :D
Sayid Ann Ima said…
3 cats.!.
like serously...
miss majaz said…
ika, oh my, name kucing ika yamm, orang panggil saya yamm,short for maryam . haha :D

bebet, hee, u sure will 'love' it ~ XD herher
Anonymous said…
sakit leher tgok pic. x rotate.. btw, topik n gambar yg menarik :)

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