Sunday, February 05, 2017

to ki o

soooo before i have to go back to college,
which means my holiday is about to END! tragic. yup.

update: yang atas tu adalah harapan palsu
i wrote that and kept this blog post unfinished in the draft hahah
now its already a year after
i am the greatest procrestinator ;')

sooooooo i am going to update  my Japan trip, because a lot of people being asking me about it
the cost, where to go, how to survive japan hahah

okayyy. so as u know, well if u read my blog
this is my post in 2009 , its old, but yeah,

okayyy, u dont want to read that, if u can, because its nonsense hahahhaa
well its basically me babbling of how much i want to go to japan and how much i am obsessed with japan culture and anime of course, and its my dream to go to japan. and i used google translate.
so u knew it is horrible broken japan, even Japanese cant read it hahahaha

but yeah, the point is. MY DREAM. IT CAME TRUE. mish
and making this trip more meaningful, its the first trip so far away from home without my parent
i went there with my younger sister, enab. and it sure is different going on a holiday without my parent.
but it is a different kind of fun. and with my parent its a different kind of fun. so yeah. its always good to have new experience.
soooo i went to Japan for about 2 weeks.
and i spent one week in Tokyo, about 3 days in Nagaoka and another 3 days in Osaka.

so u see that red X , that were the places we went

so yeahh. so we bought tickets from Malaysia to Tokyo Narita, and fly to Japan on a different flights. i know. crazy. hahaha
but my sister bought MAS and i bought Air Asia, because it is cheaper. im such a cheapo. hehe
and my sister bought the ticket before me, so when i checked for the same time as her for Mas, the price is already sky rocketing to RM3000 for return ticket to japan. and Airasia is only around RM1000 so yeah, be wise. its better to spend more money shopping than spending it on flight ticket which will send you to the same destination okayhhhh. ;)

so we just meet at the airport. its quite easy, the airport have wifi so you can communicate once landed and the airport is not that big.

so we both brought about 110,000 yen, which is 11 man i think. well its about 3,500 before the ringgit droped like a bomb. now 110,000 yen is about 3,800 i think. well i dont know im not an expert on money, just an expert in spending it. hihi. so 3,500 is not that much because we are going to spent 2 weeks and travelling to 3 different places, but hey, i actually have 2man unused at the end of the trip. which i am so proud, pfft who am i kidding, i regret i dont spend it all on the shoes ughhhh.

okay lets start with tokyo!
we landed in Tokyo around 11 a.m, and the first thing to do is, to buy the sim cards for the internet
i share with my sister, we bought docomo sim card. and that sim card can be used for 2 weeks which is how long we are going to be in Japan, The sim card is about 4000 yen. theres also portable wifi that u can rent, but it is more expensive. so i recommend to buy the sim card, and u can use on a phone, and just use the phone as the wifi hot spot. easy and cheap. we buy it at the airport, u can find a lot of telco there, so no worries, just find one that u think give the best deal and its done!

safely landed, HI JAPANNNN! 
rejoining my sister at the airport 

i TOTALLY agree ! :D

and thenn, the second thing to buy is, and probably the most important thing is, the train card.
like this one. it's so cute also ;)

the train card is 500yen and u need to reload it. so i reload it for 10 000 yen for the first time, and u can simply reload it at any train station if u run out of credit. its very important to have this, because like me, i travel with train, so yeah, this is compulsory, but mind that, the public transport in Japan is quite pricey, because it is efficient, ive spent about RM1000 just for transportation, which is about 30'000 yen. but if you are only going to travel within Tokyo, i think 1.5man is enough. maybe my transportation cost a lot because i went to a lot of places that are quite far.

and one application that is a must if youre going to take the train is JR LINE app. its helps a lot. and google map also. thats why u need internet on the go because u need to search for all this. the train system is wayyy more complicated than it is here in Malaysia. its like a spider web. hahah.
when we arrived in Tokyo, diyah which is enab's friend and also my junior in high school, was already at the airport waiting for us. 

so on the first day, we went to place nearby to diyah's house as we stayed there, save cost, ehem. and then we went to these sushi restaurant, hamazushi, which is super cheap, its only 90yen per sushi, which is like 90sen, heavenn. and the sushi taste wayyy better. its fresh and and and the green tea is free, u can make your own green tea, so horeyyy.

independent woman make their own green tea mish


this is dango. the emoji. cute :3

well we sure eat a looooooooott. the sushi is delishhh and cheap. so ape lagi khaan. mihihi. 

on day two, we went around Tokyo. first stop. Yoyogi Park!
Yoyogi Park is one of the largest city park *i totally google that* haha
Japan sure is hot during summer, no wonder Nobita refuse to go out during summer. 
the park is sooo big and theres a lot people, there is even people performing on stage

feeling so cool in my pink shades :p

mini concert kinda thing :p

and we also bought this dippin dots ice cream, and well, me being me, tumpah kan hampir separuh dari ice cream tu, they are so cuteee, its like colorful snoww. sad. 

prettier T^T

anddd next destination is meiji jingu shrine
this shrine is dedicated to Emperor Meiji and his wife.

feels like ive time traveled back to, well nobunaga era, because i only know nobunaga dont judge me!
hahha. a lot of manga twist the history or retell the story of nobunaga so thats why. and it is cool or whatevaaa~

 *place your wish and prayer here*

andd then we went to the famous harajukuuu ku ku ku~
lot of shopssss
if you want to buy clothes, here is the place
its heaven, but hell to me that doesnt have money uhuk huk

at least i got this watermelon kakigori

the kakigori is sooo nice especially after walking around so muchh under the scorching sun
bless bliss bluss
yelahh ais kepal je lahh tapi versi jepung
ABC versi takde cendol dan perkakas kakas

went to Lush just to try the sample :p


when talking about harajuku,
all i can remember is that song harajuku girl by Gwen Stefani
harajuku girllll
theres a lot of things in harajuku
even maid cafeeeeee
and all baju ala ala anime kawaii desuu semua adeee
sure is a happy place
u can see people wear fancy clothes and even cosplaying there!
i love it here, i want to move to Harajuku please haha

a harajuku gurl just photobomb me, not even mad :p

busy harajuku street

look. its chokobi, now i can bribe sin chan

we ended up eating pasta

and after pusing pusing pusing i ended up buying these

this banana filling thingy, bought if from daiso, nyums

super cheap compare to Malaysia

welllllll, this is only 2 days in Japan, well only Tokyo
sure is long
maybe ill continue in a new post
because i want to procrastinate some more hahaha
next is japan trip to ki o part 2
byee for nowwww


Saturday, February 04, 2017

test test

test bzzzz
i really dont know what is wrong with my blog
sometimes it got glitched and when i opened it, its all code and stuff
ive actually made a backup blog already because of that :<
because i can never live without a blog *gasp*
but heyyyy i can never replace this one
i still hope this blog is okay, are okay bloggy wuggy?

of course i'll be devastated if this blog is glitch
ive been writing and ranting here since i was a stupid teenager
well im still stupid now, but definitely not teen anymore isk

okay, will this be a long post of where i rant about i hate growing older and hope that i will find the fountain of youth and stay young forever? well, i dont want immortality, i just dont want to grow olddd

okay lah. now now. lets update about me, and why the hell its been so long since i updated this bloggy wuggy of mine.
well, because i am lazy. please forgive me. hahaha
i really want to, but now i rant on twitter most of the time, which is really meeeh, because I only can type up to 140 words, but it is wayyyy easier to update compare to blog. but hey, that is just my excuse, and if i write my excuses in twitter, this would already be a 50 tweets thread. pfft

i really need to update about me lah kan, this is my blog. opkos lah its about meee me memmee
okayy, i am in my last semester for degree. weee~
this semester i have to go industrial training, and currently am!
maybe ill update about my industrial training after i finish it
of course, i am Maryam the professional procrastinator 

okayyyy, next time when i have time ill update about my trip to Japan. its been a year now. oh my. okay lah. back to being the very beshhh safety officer. byeeeeeee~

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Definitely magic

Haiîîîîi. Okay this is the first time, two post in a day.
But heyyyy this is soooo crazy okayy i just have to update this hahah
Sooooo i am craving for that Auntie anne's green tea pretzel
Like seriouslyyy, this whole week ive been very annoying telling people how much i want that pretzel. Haha.

And today, which is just now, my housemate went out, i didnt know where she went. And then i saw one of my friend post a picture with qilah, they are enjoying some meals at SC Mall. 
I was like, whaaaat, i must ask qilah to buy me a pretzel. 

And i went to my friend mawa, asked her to sms qilah to buy me the pretzel, well because my credit expired pfft, but then mawa told me qilah already on her way back to college. So i was sad at that moment. And tweeted that i want a green tea pretzel. Haha. 

And theeeeeen, this is the crazy part. Tetiba masa tengah bersedih lagi ni, ade orang ketuk pintu, and tadaaaaa. Its qilah, with the green tea pretzel! Like how? How crazy is thatt!
No she dont have a twitter account. She. Just. Knew. 

Its official guyss, i have telepathy. I have super power! Hahaha. 

Of course it is because of my super power. Its not because i crazily bugged everyone whining that i want this pretzel this whole week pfft. 

Thanks qilahh, im the happiest girl today. Mihihi 😘

its final again

heee hooo
apparently i will only update my blog when its final
and hey its final week again!
well, maybe because im trying to find an excuse not to study and everything seems more important, including updating my dusty blog rather than study
i got problem, i know tsk

welp. cant wait for the examination to end.
its raya day! and then ho ho holy day

and happy fasting everybody! bye

Sunday, December 28, 2014


its been a stressful week for me
a very hard and harsh one. ive never felt so stressed

well, its my study week now, ill be sitting for finals in a week
and i am mad worried about my parents back in Kelantan
we have this huge flood in kelantan, its the worst in history i can tell
because our house never ever get flooded and this year, it is flooded even into my room
we still dont know how much damage it cost us
but some of my friend even lost their house. and i should not whine about this and be grateful
that my house is just slightly affected to be compared to others
but it is sooo stressful when you cannot contact your parents, and knowing the water is rising
and theres no electrical power, no food supplies even the water supplies
i get to text my mom after a day of no news, and she said that she collected rain water as the drinking water, because there is nothing to drink :(
and food is hard mannn.

just imagine, there is a school nearby our house, theres about 5000 people take shelters there
and the food supplies that had been sent is just 4 plastics of rice and 3 can of sardines!
like, it is not even enough for a family
i am not blaming anybody, hey, i know, it is pretty hard to send supplies there, as the water is still deep and the current is very very fast.
but i feel very sorry to all the people there :(

and thanks to all who are very concern, calling me asking is everything okay
texting me and whatsapping every time they read about salor.
i appreciated you guys so much
because it is the time that i needed the support the most from everybody
my friends and love one

one thing that i learn from this moment is, we can know who genuinely concern about you
even people who you think doesnt even care about you, or people who you dont even bother to ask,
they spend their time to ask if everything is okay or i need anything.
a lot of my friends lives in Kelantan, and we all are affected by the flood, it just how bad you are affected is the different, and i was so stressed about my parents i dont even have time to ask about my closest friend's house and yet she called me asking if everything is okay and all, i am such a bad friend, and am thankful to have such a good friend and people around me :')