Tuesday, December 02, 2014


well its been a long time since i last updated this blog
im sorry dear bloggy woggy wuwuw
haha. but i really am busy,
well no im not, im in denial that i am just plain lazy.

well ive considered to just you knoww, delete this blog.
tsk. but yeah. ive went through a lot with this blog of mine
dari link dia yumi3am.blogspot,com and now missmajaz.blogspot.com
ive been blogging here way before i have facebook, twitter, instagram, my space and all.
i think ive owned this blog for almost 8 years. yeah masuk sekolah rendah dah dia. haha.
this blog is the only thing that i have when i have no place to shout.
now i mainly shout things at my twitter account. haha

well ive hidden a lot of posts from the past
sebab memalukan
but its funny okay
i still go to my drafts and read it and laugh like
"what the hell maryam? what are you even thinking? you funny you" tehee
yeah i got 247 blog post and hidden 183
which mean i only published 64 blog post
and most of those early years post ive kept it in my safe box shhhhhh

and some people kept asking me to update this blog.
i am actually genuinely surprised that there are people that voluntarily read my crappy blog.
thank you for reading my crap and even say that they are good. *head explode*

so yeah, im keeping you bloggy woggy.
maybe i'll start blogging actively again. well maybe.
he he he.

for now nah

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