menuju puncak

hep nothing new
only that ive now am currently studying in UiTM puncak alam
it had been 3 weeks and things going pretty good for now
except that puncak alam is literally on puncak, means no nothing here
and i have to take bus to go places which only come every one hour and usually packed
this one time, i already wear what to me a pretty cloth and go and wait for the bus
about an hour later, the bus came and it was super packed so it doesnt even bother to stop
and so there i was standing and waiting like an idiot
well nope, cancel, naik bilik tidoq lagi baguih. hahah
i wanted to bring my car so that its easier for me to go anywhere i wanted to, but student that stays in college is not allow or something, and if its allowed it must be a pain in the ass to get the approval pfft.

and i have once, successfully put my self on the bus, and there i go, so eager to go places, shopping and all. hoho.
and it takes about 45 minutes on the bus to reach the setia city mall. ok lahhh.
but i only have that choice, if i wanted to go else where i can go to shah alam
and i bet it takes like an hour plus plus which is crazy

maybe the whole things looks so crazy to me because formerly i studied in penang
and everything is so close and near and i can only walk to go places
a lot of bus, every 30 minutes. and if i decide not to take bus a lot of prebet sapu
or if i am so kedekut i will just walk, 30 minutes all it takes to get to perda, i know, ive tried. haha

and in puncak alam im staying at rafflesia
pretty good, but cannot be compare with the college in penang which is far more awesome. haha
the most ridiculous thing about college in puncak alam is, there is no food.
i mean, come on, its food people, its a must. people are dying here okayy

theres only 2 food court, angsana and rafflesia.
rafflesia only sell food for lunch until about 7pm they stop their operation.
okay. no breakfast and dinner. whattttttt?
i dont know. am i too new here to not know what actually is happening and why is this happening because it is just too tooooo illogical to me. i need my food maynnn. tsk

next is of course the stairs. hell.
200 plus or equivalent to 16 stories building, source: my friend.
i have to climb that every day, it just so unbearable to lazy i-dont-want-to-go-to-class me T^T
and even worst, i have asthma, when i reach the top i cannot even breath right and my head are dizzy feeling like vomiting.

what kind of torture is this?

okayyyy. im finish with the negative things

class is okay, the lecturers are fine, and almost all classes start at 9.30 or 10.30 which is good i have extra sleep time. andd everyday i only have like 1 class or 2. so by noon all classes is done and its my slumber party time. wee~
and classmates are awesome, i am with my friends which is nice.
i actually got the offer to futher my study in medical laboratory technology but ive changed it to environmental safety and health. why? well because i can! thats why. hahahaha

okay. i think thats all for now. so bye. hihi


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