Sunday, December 28, 2014


its been a stressful week for me
a very hard and harsh one. ive never felt so stressed

well, its my study week now, ill be sitting for finals in a week
and i am mad worried about my parents back in Kelantan
we have this huge flood in kelantan, its the worst in history i can tell
because our house never ever get flooded and this year, it is flooded even into my room
we still dont know how much damage it cost us
but some of my friend even lost their house. and i should not whine about this and be grateful
that my house is just slightly affected to be compared to others
but it is sooo stressful when you cannot contact your parents, and knowing the water is rising
and theres no electrical power, no food supplies even the water supplies
i get to text my mom after a day of no news, and she said that she collected rain water as the drinking water, because there is nothing to drink :(
and food is hard mannn.

just imagine, there is a school nearby our house, theres about 5000 people take shelters there
and the food supplies that had been sent is just 4 plastics of rice and 3 can of sardines!
like, it is not even enough for a family
i am not blaming anybody, hey, i know, it is pretty hard to send supplies there, as the water is still deep and the current is very very fast.
but i feel very sorry to all the people there :(

and thanks to all who are very concern, calling me asking is everything okay
texting me and whatsapping every time they read about salor.
i appreciated you guys so much
because it is the time that i needed the support the most from everybody
my friends and love one

one thing that i learn from this moment is, we can know who genuinely concern about you
even people who you think doesnt even care about you, or people who you dont even bother to ask,
they spend their time to ask if everything is okay or i need anything.
a lot of my friends lives in Kelantan, and we all are affected by the flood, it just how bad you are affected is the different, and i was so stressed about my parents i dont even have time to ask about my closest friend's house and yet she called me asking if everything is okay and all, i am such a bad friend, and am thankful to have such a good friend and people around me :')

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Tuesday, December 02, 2014


well its been a long time since i last updated this blog
im sorry dear bloggy woggy wuwuw
haha. but i really am busy,
well no im not, im in denial that i am just plain lazy.

well ive considered to just you knoww, delete this blog.
tsk. but yeah. ive went through a lot with this blog of mine
dari link dia yumi3am.blogspot,com and now
ive been blogging here way before i have facebook, twitter, instagram, my space and all.
i think ive owned this blog for almost 8 years. yeah masuk sekolah rendah dah dia. haha.
this blog is the only thing that i have when i have no place to shout.
now i mainly shout things at my twitter account. haha

well ive hidden a lot of posts from the past
sebab memalukan
but its funny okay
i still go to my drafts and read it and laugh like
"what the hell maryam? what are you even thinking? you funny you" tehee
yeah i got 247 blog post and hidden 183
which mean i only published 64 blog post
and most of those early years post ive kept it in my safe box shhhhhh

and some people kept asking me to update this blog.
i am actually genuinely surprised that there are people that voluntarily read my crappy blog.
thank you for reading my crap and even say that they are good. *head explode*

so yeah, im keeping you bloggy woggy.
maybe i'll start blogging actively again. well maybe.
he he he.

for now nah

Monday, September 22, 2014

menuju puncak

hep nothing new
only that ive now am currently studying in UiTM puncak alam
it had been 3 weeks and things going pretty good for now
except that puncak alam is literally on puncak, means no nothing here
and i have to take bus to go places which only come every one hour and usually packed
this one time, i already wear what to me a pretty cloth and go and wait for the bus
about an hour later, the bus came and it was super packed so it doesnt even bother to stop
and so there i was standing and waiting like an idiot
well nope, cancel, naik bilik tidoq lagi baguih. hahah
i wanted to bring my car so that its easier for me to go anywhere i wanted to, but student that stays in college is not allow or something, and if its allowed it must be a pain in the ass to get the approval pfft.

and i have once, successfully put my self on the bus, and there i go, so eager to go places, shopping and all. hoho.
and it takes about 45 minutes on the bus to reach the setia city mall. ok lahhh.
but i only have that choice, if i wanted to go else where i can go to shah alam
and i bet it takes like an hour plus plus which is crazy

maybe the whole things looks so crazy to me because formerly i studied in penang
and everything is so close and near and i can only walk to go places
a lot of bus, every 30 minutes. and if i decide not to take bus a lot of prebet sapu
or if i am so kedekut i will just walk, 30 minutes all it takes to get to perda, i know, ive tried. haha

and in puncak alam im staying at rafflesia
pretty good, but cannot be compare with the college in penang which is far more awesome. haha
the most ridiculous thing about college in puncak alam is, there is no food.
i mean, come on, its food people, its a must. people are dying here okayy

theres only 2 food court, angsana and rafflesia.
rafflesia only sell food for lunch until about 7pm they stop their operation.
okay. no breakfast and dinner. whattttttt?
i dont know. am i too new here to not know what actually is happening and why is this happening because it is just too tooooo illogical to me. i need my food maynnn. tsk

next is of course the stairs. hell.
200 plus or equivalent to 16 stories building, source: my friend.
i have to climb that every day, it just so unbearable to lazy i-dont-want-to-go-to-class me T^T
and even worst, i have asthma, when i reach the top i cannot even breath right and my head are dizzy feeling like vomiting.

what kind of torture is this?

okayyyy. im finish with the negative things

class is okay, the lecturers are fine, and almost all classes start at 9.30 or 10.30 which is good i have extra sleep time. andd everyday i only have like 1 class or 2. so by noon all classes is done and its my slumber party time. wee~
and classmates are awesome, i am with my friends which is nice.
i actually got the offer to futher my study in medical laboratory technology but ive changed it to environmental safety and health. why? well because i can! thats why. hahahaha

okay. i think thats all for now. so bye. hihi

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


hep hep
i went to ireland this summer
yeaah the land with liquid sunshine
always raining, wet and cold
my type of weather ummphh
haha. yeah the type of weather that makes u wanted to stay on bed FOREVER

haruslah tunjuk passport kahkah

so i went there in a group of 5.
and all of them are my aunts :3
because we are going to my cousin, kekcah graduation day in UCD
weeee for kekcahh

hi the there 

we went there for about a week only
but it is enough to see most of the interesting things in Ireland
its a beautiful country, lots of greenery. me likey. :D
if u wanted to see nature and nice scenery Ireland is a very great place for you.
and im lucky that i fancy nature and stuff thats make this trip so great, well apart from shopping

on the first day of  arrival, we didnt do much.
we went to the Dublin city center i think.
surveying what we should buy
yes. the first thing we do is surveying items that i want to buy
which is heavennn if u ask me ;p
thats why i LOVE travelling with my mom. and aunts. haha

window shopping in Dublin wee

and yes before i forget haha\
before i went to Ireland, when i was packing
with the thoughts of summer.
"uuu its summer, its going to be hot, sunny. bawak baju nipis nipis jelah nanti panas"
and how i am feeling so deceived when i arrived
its soo colddddd
well i cant imagine winter, i would just rolled like a burrito 24/7 if its winter.
yelahh, aku ni orang pasang aircond kuat sikit dalam kelas pun rase macam terseksa dah. hahaha
bukan ape, cold weather makes me feel so drowzy and sleepy.

ok moving on to the trip
the next day we went to Galway
its a very beautiful historic place

its a very cute lion there hahaha
galway is the west of ireland and its the place where i dont knowww
i dont remember
i just remember its the origin place for the claddagh ring
you know the famous claddagh ring
well google it.

okay this is the best part of the trip
we went to kildaire village which is the place to shop and it is just so awesome to shop

we shop all dayyyy and its a lot
we even brought our luggage to put our shopped items to make it easier because we just know that we will shop a lot of things and hand cannot carry that much. haha

 look at all those stuffs that we shopped and it is still not enoughhh
one thing that i really recommend when you are visiting ireland or any other place
okay shopping

and the next destination is 

yes. the cliffs of moher

 we also went to this port or seaside i dont knowww
i dont recall its name
but it is breathtaking okayyy
i would love to spend my whole evening there eating ice cream and smileee

 celebrating kholla's and mama karimah's birthday 

 the next day we went to Belfast
the trip from Dublin to Belfast takes almost 3 hours
and along the journey we sleeeeep like a log on the van.
its really is funny though hahahaha
because the tourist guide told us "i've never seen a group of tourist so tired"
that he even doenst even have to bother to tell us the stories along the journey explaining things
yeah thanks us latter for making your job easier. haha.

we went to the giant causeway. yeaaaah.
its where the stone is all hexagon and it is all mysterious and all.
legend says it is where the giant live and theres a fight between the giants and all.
i dont knowww, i am half asleep when the tourist guide was telling the story. haha

thats the giant's shoes and i am too lazy to rotate

 it is quite exhausting jugak lahhh. 
because you have to climb and stuff
or maybe just because i am just sooo not athletics that walking makes me so tired

makan cokelat nak tambah tenaga haha

annddd we went to carrick-a-rede. 
it is very exhausting okayh you have to walk a very long and rocky road
and then you will reach a rope bridge which is awesome
well thanks to the good weather and very nice scenery that makes me less exhausted
we on our journeyyy

sape gayat padan muka :b

resting my leg

 it is okay to feel a little bit exhausted 
not only it burns my calories, i also get to see this stunning view
so its awesome :)

 after that we went to Belfast.
strolling on the road of Belfast, and went to the Belfast town center and the Titanic Memorial Garden. where all the name of those people that died in the Titanic incident. 

and we went to this market 
everything is so huge.
well kat Malaysia pun besaq tapi ni besaq lagi
i think i just have to but one vegetable and it will last for a week.

me too !

 on the last day, its the shopping day ! again! hahaha
and before we leave Dublin we went to river cruise along the Dublin city
saying our last goodbye

dah sampai amik je lah gambar kann haha

and one the great moment there
is me able to meet my dearest cipaaa

and mase jumpa cipa i went alone okay
so independent okay
naik bas sorang sorang
*clap clap* 

so as i am very independent now
i decide insyaAllah next year i'll travelling europe alone
well not alone, maybe with my sister haha

thats all for now
theres still a lot of picturess
but maybe next time
okay byee