test test

test bzzzz
i really dont know what is wrong with my blog
sometimes it got glitched and when i opened it, its all code and stuff
ive actually made a backup blog already because of that :<
because i can never live without a blog *gasp*
but heyyyy i can never replace this one
i still hope this blog is okay, are okay bloggy wuggy?

of course i'll be devastated if this blog is glitch
ive been writing and ranting here since i was a stupid teenager
well im still stupid now, but definitely not teen anymore isk

okay, will this be a long post of where i rant about i hate growing older and hope that i will find the fountain of youth and stay young forever? well, i dont want immortality, i just dont want to grow olddd

okay lah. now now. lets update about me, and why the hell its been so long since i updated this bloggy wuggy of mine.
well, because i am lazy. please forgive me. hahaha
i really want to, but now i rant on twitter most of the time, which is really meeeh, because I only can type up to 140 words, but it is wayyyy easier to update compare to blog. but hey, that is just my excuse, and if i write my excuses in twitter, this would already be a 50 tweets thread. pfft

i really need to update about me lah kan, this is my blog. opkos lah its about meee me memmee
okayy, i am in my last semester for degree. weee~
this semester i have to go industrial training, and currently am!
maybe ill update about my industrial training after i finish it
of course, i am Maryam the professional procrastinator 

okayyyy, next time when i have time ill update about my trip to Japan. its been a year now. oh my. okay lah. back to being the very beshhh safety officer. byeeeeeee~


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