Definitely magic

Haiîîîîi. Okay this is the first time, two post in a day.
But heyyyy this is soooo crazy okayy i just have to update this hahah
Sooooo i am craving for that Auntie anne's green tea pretzel
Like seriouslyyy, this whole week ive been very annoying telling people how much i want that pretzel. Haha.

And today, which is just now, my housemate went out, i didnt know where she went. And then i saw one of my friend post a picture with qilah, they are enjoying some meals at SC Mall. 
I was like, whaaaat, i must ask qilah to buy me a pretzel. 

And i went to my friend mawa, asked her to sms qilah to buy me the pretzel, well because my credit expired pfft, but then mawa told me qilah already on her way back to college. So i was sad at that moment. And tweeted that i want a green tea pretzel. Haha. 

And theeeeeen, this is the crazy part. Tetiba masa tengah bersedih lagi ni, ade orang ketuk pintu, and tadaaaaa. Its qilah, with the green tea pretzel! Like how? How crazy is thatt!
No she dont have a twitter account. She. Just. Knew. 

Its official guyss, i have telepathy. I have super power! Hahaha. 

Of course it is because of my super power. Its not because i crazily bugged everyone whining that i want this pretzel this whole week pfft. 

Thanks qilahh, im the happiest girl today. Mihihi 😘


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