Sunday, May 25, 2014

spring ~

boing boing
the first thing that we think when somebody said spring, of course is flowerrr
dont you?
flowers, flowers and flowers.

Malaysia is not a 4 seasons country
but to me it is four season, hot, very hot, wet, and now we got spring so yayy. hahaha

and while im doing my practical in Parit Buntar, 
ive experienced the so-called-spring 
awww. i even have some photo shoot.

because its not everyday we can see that beautiful flower blooming all over the road
it just sooo beautifulllllllll and its like im in Japan you knowwww kahkah
its like those Sakura flowers. i feel happy every time i drove through the road.
and i dont have to spend thousands to enjoy the 'sakura'. haha

see i told you its looks like sakura haha

this is soooo nice. right.

 taking pictures on the road like nobody business lalalala

jangan pandang rendah pada kami, sampai dalam longkang pun amik gambarr gituu. HAHA

too many pictures to be caption so,nope
malas nak caption. haha. 
but our pictures are like newly wed pictures. awww

isnt it beautiful? it didnt need my caption is the worst in describing. haha

sooo thanks to encik saad the photographer for taking our pictures.
your pictures is sooo beautiful it makes us looks beautiful too. hiks

ok then, next post i'll update with my "cuti cuti Malaysia" mase praktikal.
surprisingly i went to a lot of interesting places in Malaysia while im doing my practical
so yeah.

and if we take some time, and enjoy our local beauty.
semua nak heboh dengki luar negara cantik, Malaysia ape kurangnya kan.


flower power! 


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