everybody have their own weaknesses
well i have like one
tonnes of weaknesses

yeaah, some of it are unavoidable, some of it are habits, some of them are naturally in me
but not all weaknesses are bad.

let say, your weakness are you care too much about everybody around you that sometimes you put your own self second. well, that is a good weakness.

but it is called a weakness for a reason. say u will always get hurt. or losing your priority because putting others priority ahead of yours. or you just care too much. that is a problem. And the Biggest problem is people will take advantage on you. for sure.

but dont loose all of those good weaknesses you got, but change it to your strength. yeah, dont loose those good value you have just because other people are not. be the good you. there will be people who would appreciate you as you are. good people like you.

when people ask what is your weaknesses. no, caring about others is not a weakness. talking bad about other people is a weakness, caring is not. its your strength.

i know, sometimes we feel tired. of caring about other people too much and they doesnt even bother to care about you. all they think about their own self. tipu lah kalau aku tak pernah terlintas " buat ape pikir pasal orang yang tak pikir pun pasal kita". thats where i am wrong, i should not change the good in me, that loves to care about other people just because some of people does not care about others and only think about their self, read: selfish. but dont be like that, dont become the person you dont like.

so cheers. and always be good. to you and to others. 


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