little talks

assalamualaikum hi heloo
sooo, i just wanted to write down whatever this is
it is holiday now as u know
there are a lot lots lots of wedding 
and i have to attend to a lot of them, i love wedding. sometimes. haha
well eating part is okay, the part yang panas duduk bawah kemah tu doesn't amuse me much haha

and some of people that i know, seniors from high school, my friend with the same age with me, yeah 21 and married, good for them, im so jealous for no reason haha :) And i find wedding at early age, like 21, yeah it is early, is good?
it is good in a way, halang maksiat kan, dating secara halal gituu. 

watching stalking one of my close friend, married at 20, and sekarang dah ade anak, masyaAllah comel pulak tu, makes me think, yuppp definitely, early ages marriage is good. hahaha. 

and another story of some people that i know, married at 21, and after a year, divorced. that is sad. really. and thats make me think, nopee definitely, early ages marriage is bad. i am such a 'lalang' hahaha. 

but, yeahh, even old couple go through divorce. yeaah, there were old couples who married for only a year and then, byeee, divorced. sooo its not about the age actually. so, yuppp marriage is so confusing. haha

and i dont know what the hell i am talking right now. hahaha
but i think if you're serious enough with somebody. NO. if you happen to like or love or adore somebody, hurry up, marry her/him. because, its not about the age, if you love somebody, do it the right way, halal way which is a marriage. biar lah bercerai ke ape ke lepas tu. but try not to. haha. i mean there are couples, in a relationship for 8 years and then break up. that is sadder. because at least the married couple for 1 year, and then divorced, they doesnt do it the wrong way, they are doing it the halal way, nak buat cemana kan jodoh tak panjang. its all god's plan. and He had plan the best for us. so no worries. pray for the best and insyaAllah the best is what we will get. 

ok. lastly, appreciate all those who loves you. family, friends. everybody. 

i love you. so appreciate me. thanks. 



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