eat the weekend away

so heyyyy
i love to eat eat eat 

so this weekend me and my echa and fatin went for a food hunting
because spending your money on food is not a waste , hehe

and wow. this is the first time, i updated things up to the date. haha
because i usually kept the stories fermented for several months before i write about it.
but because this is about food and i am all hyped hype hype. weee ~

this weekend we went to penang, every body knowsss
penang is famous as the food paradise *shing shing*

seee. i tell you no bluff 

it is famous for its street food
char kuey tiow ma favorite of course. pasemboq lah, nasi kandar lah.

but i dont like nasi kandar. not my favorite. 
so we went to kedai ikan bakar in Nibong Tebal.
apa yang aku suka tentang kedai ikan bakar adalah sebab ada banyak pilihan sayur. 
and i love sambal belachaaan awmmm. 

so after that we went to komtar, because there is first avenue and prangin mall too. haha

so first stop we went to a very cute shop.
DIY ice kacang. hebak. best amat. haha
u can choose your topping yourself, as much as u want. 
there are three cup size that u can choose.
we choose the medium. dalam 8 ringgit gitu lah.

tamak nyew kamiii. 

"ok ok. apa lagi apa lagi. campak campak. sedap tak ni ? takpe takpe letak je"

and we add ice cream, french fries and chicken popcorn. everything is delicious. :3

after thaaat, we went for sushi king

so i order shashimi 

ittadakimasu ~

 Gyuu Kinoko Don for fatin
 Gyuu Kinoko Set for echa

my tummy is happy. very happy they are break dancing. 

and here is us being silly
i know it is sooo stupid to take picture in the toilet
give us a chance, this is the last year we are 20. and young.
lepas ni dah tak buat dah. dah dewasa kan. hahaha

owh this is one not in the toilet. so yay. hahaha

and after that we went to KFC
 and thats all. 

last but not least 

meet my imagination friends. 



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