one phone call

last night,while i was sleeping, i got a late night call from my adek dorm in Sekolah Menengah Sains Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra(what a long name for a school -.-)

to be exact,Nabihah called me,at 4 a.m,telling me hows KOT is this year. this year my former house,HUSSEIN,go for chinese theme,when its my year as a fivers we go with japan theme,so maybe theres not so much in different. BUT YEAAAAH !! MY ADEK DORM IS THE NAIB PRESIDEN !! Auuuuu ~ GO HUSNA GO ! and the KOT is TODAY ! arggghhh,i want to go there so baaaaaaaad,tsk tsk T^T

and this year,the bad news is,hussein is the one who get booooo ~ di pulaaauuuu kaaaan ~ that is the saddest thing to happen when its KOT,even more pathetic than losing . seriously .
every single year mesti ade yang kena boooo ~ and this year its Hussein,curse you the other house,kesian my beloved adek adek,wuuuuu

i know its a tradition,yeah,like Razak getting the last place every single year is a tradition,he he . because my father is a former member of Razak waaay back then,and he told me Razak is a loser, kinda. herher.

Hussein is a loser too,when it comes to acara padang. we got very little athlete ,so its so hard to gather point. we doesnt have athlete,even me,Maryam the weak,is choosen to run for acara lari 100 meter berpagar when i was in form1,2,and3. when in form 4 i made an excused that i got asthma and cannot run anymore,the truth is it just so memalukan,HAHAHAHA,and i dont have any of that semangat kesukanan and kerumahan nak menang or what. but Hussein is great at marching,formasi and khemah of course.

KOT for me back then is a time for me to eat free biscuts,harhar. and watched people go huu haaa for their house. i am not a very passionate person maybe,because actually i want to be in Mahathir,not because they are awesome or what so ever,but because i LOVE blue colour back then. ALL MY STUFF IS BLUE ! tak masuk tau tak bile duduk kat bilik warna merah,my towel,blanket,jam loceng,baju,and EVERYTHING is blue T^T . and what i hate about KOT is we have to go to the padang every day , bazir masa tidur kuuu ~ thats why every year i will volountarily make my self one of those people working as tukang jahit baju kat bilik. we sew baju for the people that participated in marching and formation. its fun,we got free biscuits,nyum nyum :D

well sincerely, i do want to be part of KOT dulu dulu,tapi i dont have any speacial athletics things in me,i cant run fast,i sucks at jumping and i dont know how to march. i do want to wear  those fancy shirt that i sew sampai tak tidur malam tu jugak,and even i design it OKAY ! tapi apa kan daya tsk tsk. So bile dah jadi fivers,i was a little bit semangat,sebab i got my chance to wear those fancy kimono,that i designed, FTW XDD and i started to LOVE red colour. its my obsession now ;)

so,yeaaah,i missed it all now :'( walau it sucks to be a tailor for 5 years straight,but i MISSED IT ! T^T . i missed the night before KOT, where people set up gerai jual makanan tu kan,yeaah,i miss that . and i miss that moment tak tidur malam siap kan khemah,lompat pagar demi nak pegi siap khemah uuu. i miss that moment of cheering and boooo-ing people. i miss that moment to usha orang, eh. ok dah takde dah nak miss. hee

so adek adek kuuuu, walau kalah takpe,Hussein still is the coolest , no matter what it is :) dulu i would say through fire and flames. tapi moment paling touching semalam bile,Nabihah cakap,Husna is the naib presiden,and i realised that they are fivers now , waaaaauu,baru semalam rase diorang masuk dorm,adek form1,tetibe dah form 5,and i really do feel it just yesterday i left school,i thought im still 17,hee. how time fly soooo fast leaving us, tsk tsk T^T . realizing that make me sad,so sad,i want a time machine,please.

and when i am a fivers,my last year that i can participate in KOT,i had already think what are the things that i would possibly miss when i left school. so i took all the pictures of thing that i would miss, hows that for advanced,huh. haha. well,im actually a very sentimental person :')

the night before KOT , foood ,hee 

this is my hardwork sakuraa mankaaii 

the best part of KOT, BOOOO-ing people
the hussein cool boys working hard.

this is me working hard , hee
me on the KOT day,japan theme FTW
ahhh, the cheer ! credit to Nabila ! awwyeaaaah !
ahhh,sentimental me being sentimental :')


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