Tuesday, April 08, 2014

the end

hep hep
just wanted to say that i finally finished with my practical and thus means the ending of all.
i do mean all. like ALL. hahaha

and now i am happy at home. laying on my bed, expecting to gain some weight and planning my so call long holiday.
sounds good huh?

i am actually planning to work. make some money.
i got a lot of things on my bucket list. things to buy. so i need that money.
soooo, i know i am too lazy to work at some fast food restaurant, with shift and stuff. bluurgh
i think i wanted to sell cookies and cakes. yeaah, i am pretty good at that.

so people, who ever wanted to buy some cookies or cakes. do contact me
please do. *wink wink*

andddddd there is of course a lot i wanted to share.
but no rush honey, because i will be partying and holidaying untill september babyy
*throw some confetti*

ok then, i have to go back to the party.

on my bed.

with my pillow.


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