Wednesday, July 31, 2013

mak ayah

its almost raya 
and i got a very long story to be tell
but this is not a post for that
this is for my mok and ayoh 

because i messed up
that i had to buy the bus ticket THREE time
terbang duit RM150 -.- 

when i call ayah to ask should i or should i not buy the third ticket . ayah told me

ayah : beli laah. jange jadi materialistik. balik awal tu buleh buat ayah hepi. nati ayah masuk duit.
me : sobs

it just that. the last thing i want to do is to trouble my parent
mintak duit macam menyusahkan lah. dah la membazir beli tiket salah.
NO. bukan beli salah. tu salah pakcik jual tiket tu and thats another LONG story to be tell.

ok lah thanks ibu dan bapa 
i love u both so muchyyy~ mihs :>