Friday, November 23, 2012


i have about a week left before i have to go back to penang
which is sad T^T
im enjoying my holidays so much and i dont wanna go to penang ! 
although my holidays means sleeping 24 hours for almost 2 months, but that is , that is, 
and this is by far the most unproductive holiday -.-
i just hibernating most of the time. 
its great.
so far.

and you know what

 adam lambert's hair is awesome C:
 i mean ~ comm'on,the hair is awesome and he is too. herher

ok , that is off the topic
tapi tu lah. 
its official
the count down starts

penang . i dont know what to say to you. 
maybe the only thing that help me go through this, is the fact that ade pesta penang 
which i dont know when, but i believe its coming 



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