Friday, January 23, 2009

medan indonesia

assalamualaikum... well, this time i want to share about my lovely holidays...
well... my family and i had went to INDONESIA..
well,  i cant write the whole story cuz it was a very long journey..

but i will write it. well more picture less words.
that should do it aite.



the next day we when to samosir island

(me on the ferry to samosir island)

 arriving at samosir island

well,for me the best place there is..
samosir island..
it take about 1 hour on a ferry journey..
what i like the most is the scenery..

(me and kelinci)

i love this picture soo much..
the kelinci(rabbit)is so cute..
i took this picture at  Berastagi..
the temperature there is so cool ..
it is as cool as in genting highland..
(at the sinabung resort)

it is fun there because we went with a lot of people
all my cousins
they are fun people :D

 me and cousins

well, there we stay at 2 hotels..
first night is at the sinabung resort..
then at the niagara hotel..
both are 5 stars hotels!!

(at the balcony of the sinabung resort)

well the conclusion is..
INDONESIA is a very nice place..
well, hope to be in indon again..
maybe to jakarta??or-who know..

ok thats all
hi five skeeeet

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