Wednesday, October 23, 2013

money wanted

i need money 

so i have started my practical years. 
currently 'working' at Pejabat Kesihatan Kerian 

yeah working without getting paid sure is 'fun' -.-
kena bayar rumah sewa , duit makan , duit duit segala
and the worst, takdapat elaun. 
kadang kadang memang tak dapat gaji lah kan praktikal, tapi dapat elaun.
well, in my case, mak bapak lah pembagi elaun,

its not that what my parent gave is not enough,its more than enough actually
tapi yelah, i want more, nak pergi jenjalan ke , shopping ke kan and for the project with mom after i finish my practical. hehe. 

so yeah, considering to work part time.
kedai makan ke, kedai kasut ke. 
the thing is, kerja praktikal pun dah dari pukul 8 sampai 5

ade lah jugak pergi tanya kedai makan, nak pekerja yang rajin lagi dedikasi tak
tapi lepas pukul 8 baru boleh start. so far, disappointing -.-

well thats the story. 

so now , sape ade kerja ? 



Sunday, October 20, 2013

birthday cake

dulu, masa sekolah. 
mase birthday ema, i wanted to make a cake for ema. as it is a birthday so cake is like a compulsory lah kan
haha. so i made my own cake. using what i have in my locker
maka terciptalah resipe birthday 'cake' kami. 
which is very delicious okay. mihs

so when i turned 20 on 17th march this year
ema sent me all this pictures of her making me our 'cake'
so yeah, selamat belajar memasak kek bersama chef ema 

ingredients : oats, milo/powder milk/ nescafe / whatever you have in your locker , hot water, crackers
instruction : look at the picture below and go figure. malas nak tulis. zzz

tadaaah, this is the result. 
well nampak je cemtu,enak okay. hahaha

chef ema yaww

this is suppose to be my birthday present
it is soo sweet of her.
tapi malang, pecah tak sempat aku pegang -.-

well, i love u ema so much
thanks for being my best friend
accepting me, and remembers all the little things we have go through
im so blessed to have a friend like chuuuu :')

and you're soooo sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet 
diabetes i :b

well ade lagi hadiah teman rakan taulan saem dan sebagainya bagi hahaha
yang pos tuuu, yang bagi by hand tuuu
yang datang penang tuuuu
thanksss semua :'D
i lapchu oll
i'll update that later. 
maybe. bile rajin. yelah yang ni pon dah bulan 10 baru update. -.-

Saturday, October 05, 2013


so its 2013
i'm 20

well, i'm getting old. who doesn't ?

getting old makes me think of one of the things that everybody are afraid of

well don't bluff
everybody,every each of us is afraid of the uncertainty in it
whats waiting for us ? what will happen to us?

its like that question that almost all  motivators asked us when in high school .

" where do you see your self in the next 5 or 10 years ? "

well, i don't see me nowhere 
yes, i cant imagine or even dream where i will be in the next 5 years or 10 years
i cant even imagine what will i do tomorrow , so yeah -.- 

well i do. i have a dream. or had a dream.
dead dream. 
as dead as me. 

aaaa im so negative. 

but i believe God had set the best story for me.
since before i can even count. every time after solat. i always make the same doa until now.

"Ya Allah Berikanlah aku yang terbaik di dunia dan akhirat"

and that i believe.