Saturday, November 24, 2012


Ok. Now its trending in twitter .
About nadia ? Diana ? or who ever it is i don’t care
And my time line penuh dengan tweets or retweets of people bashing her .
She is trending because of she is a k-pop fanatic or lunatic i cant decide.
So its start like this.

During the shout award theres a group or two of Korean artist groups which i never heard of
So theres a group of anti k-pop ni they threw bottle and boo them,
So yeah, all the k-pop lovers when amok, literally . haha
So this girl, which i cant remember her name
She tweeted about how she feel about it, i mean, she is mad about the incident
And some of her tweets maybe offended people ? i don’t know.
Adalah dia cakap Malaysian is rude ,  dia cakap dia ni bukan rakyat Malaysia tapi planet apetah , haha

Ok,for me,
Firstly, at the first place, people, you shouldn’t throw things to or at any one .
Tak kira lah dia tu sape pun, unless dia tengah hadapi hukuman direjam ke ape yang memang kita dibenarkan campak bukan sahaja botol tapi batu okeih
It's just plain rude to do that. I mean, takde adab tu ye adek adek.

Second, this girl,auni ni , she shouldn’t tweet things like that
U as a malaysian, u will be living in this country for what ? 10 or 20 years more ? .
owh, no, u maybe will spending 50 years more here because you're still a kid
and u should say Alhamdulillah because you are living in a peace country , i mean no war or earthquakes or taufan Katrina ke.
and u young girl, is rude. Some of her tweets is. I have to admit that, well aku memang suka bace orang kena bash ni, hikhik
tapi adik ku sayang, i'm not mad about your passion towards Korean artist, or your words that are inappropriate
tapi, i am sad to hear your reason why you don’t want to be a Malaysian anymore.
Why dek why ? just because people threw some plastic bottles to some k-pop artist ?
Carik lah reason yang lagi cool,
macam saya rimas jadi rakyat Malaysia,sebab semua janji ditepati, tak melayu lah tepati janji. -.- klawakhambar

back to the point,
i think this whole drama starts with
Ok, ehem . that it is ladies and gentlemen.

U, k-pop haters, y don’t u respect others.
So u don’t like K-pop ? u hate it ?
Do u have the right to hate and say bad things to all the thing that u doesn’t found interesting ? or tak mencapai tahap taste anda yang high gile tu ?
And do you have the right to insult their choice of music ?
What made you think that your taste in music made you any more important or intelligent than them?

I my self is not a k-pop lovers, i don’t find them interesting .
I don’t like confusing thing, i cant differentiate female and male and even person to person when it comes to Korean artist -.-
They all looks the same ! its confusing , isk
But do i have to hate it ? and say bad things to those who love it ?

Well, dulu dulu la kan. I do hate k-pop ni, along with bieber,one direction, and many others
Why ?  because it's mainstream to hate them. Hahahaha
And yeah, peer pressure ~ kehkeh

Me : comel jugek penyanyi  ni kan kan ?
Me : isk, ok ok, no, i don’t like them.
Friend : cool .

Ok. Itu scenario nya
Yeah, and i know ramai yang kena macam ni kan kan ?
Sebab aku pon lepas tu buat kat orang jugak -.-
I regret it. Im sorry . hehe

So, the thing is.
Respect .
Sometimes thing that you think is cool, is not for others .
U have to accept that WE . ARE . DIFFERENT .
Different in taste of music, taste towards food, even taste for human
Kalau lah semua orang taste same, and “OUR” taste is all suka muka macam nora Danish tu
Maka ramailah yang tak kawen tunggu nora seorang , thats why our taste is different
Allah maha bijaksana lagi maha mengetahui.
HE made our taste different from one to another,
 maka takdelah orang yang tak laku sebab muka dia sama dengan fasha sandha dan bukan nora.
Paham tak paham ? susah nak bagi contoh tau tak , wuwu

And yeah, i learn all of this from my own experience
Dulu, i love to boo people that love thing that i don’t find interesting , DULU
And then , i , accidentally fallen in with love adam lambert, hehe
And bile aku cerita je pasal adam lambert , every body will just, u know.

Me : owh , i minat adam lambert, sebab suara dia best, rambut dia cool,dia pakai eye liner :D
Friends : ewww, hes gay . adam lembek bukan adam lambert, buuuu

And i feel. Offended . hell yeah. U hating things that i love, of course i am mad .
Same as i hate when people love things that i hate . and then i came to realise.
Kita marah bile orang pertikaikan atau kutuk benda yang kita suka .
Tapi bile kita buat takpe pulak ? how rude u are maryam . notty girl.

A : i love 1D
B : eww, they sucks. I hate them. U are hearing to rubbish,losers -.-
A : ok then. So, what do you love
B : owh,i love nidji
A : ewww, u have such a bad taste in music. Gay
B : eyh, suka hati lah aku nak minat ape pun. Diorang cool laaah. Grrr

Ok. itu contoh nya. U hate it when people insult your taste of music or person that you love,tapi at the same time u are doing it.
So don’t do it .Please.
U want peole to respect you ? so do respect others.

A : i love k-pop. Nichkun encem,running man best berlari lari . awwww
B : owh, tak penah tengok. Best eyh ? ok ok. nanti aku try tengok jugak. Huhu

Haa. Aint that better ?
I mean. People LOVE when somebody reacts positively to the things that they love
Yeah. I mean i LOVE IT.
 Tahu kenapa aku dengan ema boleh rapat gile ? sebab ye,aku minat adam lambert and she love it too when at the first place she,i think kalau aku tak minat dia tak minat jugak.
Dan dia suka bola,Cristiano Ronaldo yang dulu dari MU tukar ke umm umm, hee tak ingat tapi aku ade usaha la jugak kan nak tahu
Yeaah, sebab that will make her happy and i know it.
Same lah dengan crush time sekolah dulu,ema minat ahmad aku pun walau tak minat ahmad aku pun support lah,

 “ ye ma, ahmad memang cool kan. Pandai main gitar suare sedap oh my ema go ema go"

Dia pon same, aku suka aminah dia pun suka lah aminah .
Nanti pun suami aku pun suami dia ah , eh , ok, itu cerita lain. Ehem.
Bukannya ema cakap dia minat ahmad, aku pun sibuk nak cakap,

'ewwww ema, dia buruks gile , aku tampaq kau nak . takde taste kau ni amek bangle cuci jamban lagi bagus.'

Ok. paham dak ? support, respect. Is not so hard. 

dan macam dengan Am lah, dia minat bola, aku memang bukan lah tak minat tapi tak di asuh dari kecil tengok, haha, i mean my family, kami tak tengok bola,tapi bile am minat bola,so aku pun sokong yeaaah, tengok tengok, kita picnic sambil tengok bola. its something like that. 
And mirah, she loves k-pop. Dia tengok lah drama korea tu kan
So, aku walau aku tak tengok drama sebenarnya dan tak minat korea,
Tap,i don’t go bashing Korean drama,walau aku tak minat i have no rights to say bad thing about them and cakap 'mirah kau ni ape hal tengok korea lembik ni hah  hah ? mencik'
Instead, i join her, to show i respect what she love,
Sebab aku tahu, kalau aku, aku suka amat kalau ade orang nak join tengok benda yang aku suka. I feel so , touched, and happy that they join me.
Macam aku paksa makcik tikah tengok video chester see every nights, walau dia cuba lari dari aku. Hee.
Yeah, and drama korea sweet ok. boleh kena diabetes.
Dan boleh bunuh orang dengan angan angan konon nak boyfriend macam dalam cite korea tu which is impossible , haha. kalau ade semua orang nak,aku pun nak. Kbai.

Ok . and wow, this is looooong
I never wrote this long i think . except for essay spm.
So the morale is, respect others .
Thats all. Its that easy.

 Well not so. But u can at least try. hehe

p/s : to the haters, do u even have a reason to hate something that u hate ? ke main ikut orang je. itu lagi double triple loser. hikhik

Friday, November 23, 2012


i have about a week left before i have to go back to penang
which is sad T^T
im enjoying my holidays so much and i dont wanna go to penang ! 
although my holidays means sleeping 24 hours for almost 2 months, but that is , that is, 
and this is by far the most unproductive holiday -.-
i just hibernating most of the time. 
its great.
so far.

and you know what

 adam lambert's hair is awesome C:
 i mean ~ comm'on,the hair is awesome and he is too. herher

ok , that is off the topic
tapi tu lah. 
its official
the count down starts

penang . i dont know what to say to you. 
maybe the only thing that help me go through this, is the fact that ade pesta penang 
which i dont know when, but i believe its coming 



Thursday, November 01, 2012

meow nation :3

meow meow meow 
i love cat ! especially cute little kitten ~ awww
ok,despite the fact that i am allergic to them,i still cant resist. 
because they are so adorable :3 :3 :3

so i want to introduce to you ladies and gentlemen ~ 
*drum rolls*
my cats , my cute furry fluffy cats :D hee

so the first is coco
most all of my friend knew coco, because hes just so famous ~ eheh

so coco first came to our house mase dia kecik sangat sangat
mase tu he still need breast feeding , poor little kitty
so we do all we can to make sure he got what he needs, DHA , omega
ok tak, haha. we put some milk on our finger tip and let he lick it,sebab dia tak pandai nak jilat dalam bekas lagi,di khuatiri lemas dalam mangkuk . 

coco in his kiddy kitten years

in his teenage years
pretend u dont see the messy background
focus to coco only
*thats enab's bed btw :b

but now, u just cant believe !
he is soo big 0.o and heavy -.-
cute cute cute

ayah cakap coco is the longest cat in salor ~ hahaha. 
see, he is LONG ! 

strong and good looking alpha male i can say , herher
 muka alpha male yang bangga ~ herher

 and he sleep not like any other cat. macam raja -..-

and did u noticed that coco fur become darker
i mean he did really became coco , haha

and then cici came
she is my cousin's cat actually,
and i dont know they story why did she had been transfered to our house
well,shes the only female now, 
so we can get zuriat of coco.  hehe

remember that cici. dont go around and flirt with other male . 

and then bibi came :D
awww, hes cute, and he ate a lot ! 

 boleyh jadi model kucing , hee

so yeah, we have three cats now,
and coco and bibi is actually kucing buangan, 
i actually dont get it, why do people throw their cat dekat masjid ?
i mean there is no source of food , 
so thats why we take the cats and give them food and love , aww

 this is their 'happy area'
 its where the food
 the shelter
 the place to sleep
 the place to play

 u can compare how big is coco compare to bibi
 makan makan :D
their vitamins is more than what i have -.-

this is coco happy place :D

their "mouse"
 coco went to clinic

 they love to climb this wall, and bibi always stucked on it -.- haha

this is how they are when u are going to start cooking -.- serabukksss

and i always regret
every single time i play with them i regret
sakits hidungs
owh and sorry for the picture, malas nak rotate -.- herher
and last but not least 

muka cici terkejut . harhar