Wednesday, October 17, 2012


i love LOVE LOVE to draw
 i can say i spend a lot of time and money for it, 
its what makes me happy
and i feel like sharing , hee
so here are some of my sketches 
most of them is conteng conteng and i know its not that good so no judging 
i'm not an art student, i just love to draw, so i'm forgiven for all this lousy 'art' ;b

'lisbeth salander'

this is what i draw after finished reading "the girl with the dragon tattoo" 
lisbeth salander FTW ~ shes so cool :D
u must read the novel,because watching the movie is not enough , its incomplete 

and this is all random character 
most of them is just sketches that i've done when i'm bored 

and this is me trying to give expression to them 
which is , well, i dont know -.-

heres the man
im not good in drawing male character
people tend to think my 'man' is too pretty
-.-,i love pretty man,so is there a problem ?

  and yeaah, i only draw this man 
this particular man , i mean the hair style, i just love this hair style
so yeah, all man should have this hair style in my manga-fantasy world , herher

most of my so called 'art' is drawn on my lecture notes ~ hee
its a good thing to do, instead of sleep rite ;b

notes and blank space for me to scribble side by side

 and in all my sketch book, fara izzah ni mesti nak ade je page dia ~ haha

artistic much 

 and sometimes she will edit my sketches to make it more, ummm, adorable if i can say -.- haha

and thats what makes my sketch books more sketchy , haha
thanks to her awww XD

thats all.
maybe next time.
and i dont know why did i edited the picture to black and white
it just , i think its cool , soooo

heres one more 
aint that black and white makes it more dramatic.

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