Monday, October 22, 2012



HAI everybody , girls and boys
i went to my former school last weekend
to meet my adek adek dorm :) hehe
because yeah, we are very very close
we are like real sisters, we share everything, we play together, we we we, ah sooo many memories :')

ok, so i went there to meet bihah, bie, tini, husna and aishah espeacially,
they are going to sit for SPM ! wuuuuu
hows that even possible ? 
i thought it was yesterday they walked through the doors of C3-1 ( is it ? ) dorm as a new member of our happy tweet ack family , auuu :'D
and now they are already going to leave the school already ? oh my ? 

anyway,its raining that no picnic. i just spend my time there in the dorm,
guling guling atas katil act like im still one of them , ehem, 
anyway,its great,no, its a BLAST. 
gossips gossips gossips. hee, as always. :D

me and bihah 

its sad i can only took picture with bihah, because its in the dorm,so everybody is not wearing appropriate cloth to take picture with. 
but its okay, the picture is not important, what is important that they remember me , hee.
yeah, u all better be ! hahaha

and its kinda sad actually
when i went there last weekend
sebab tak sempat jumpa mazi,najwi and zarith :(
and i left a note for zarith , haha

yeaaah, because im just sweet like that 

and yeaah
our dorm is not cb-6 the awesome anymore
its c3-7 FTW

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