Thursday, September 13, 2012

so last night i had a chit chat with ema.
i missed her so much :'(
mostly we talked about how life treating us now
everybody is growing up and life seems so serious now
and we still are lost -.-
 well,last night we talked about the past. reminiscing it
the glorious day when in faris petra :'b
and the choices that we had made that we regret

and then Nabila message me about a choice that she have to make
well Bila,
theres A LOT of thing that i regret in life personally
things that should be and can be,but we waste it,i waste i mean
i dont want you feel the despair of it too, tsk tsk T^T
so when making choices please be very careful

to hell all the negatives thing people tell u,if its your choice,its yours
because u are the one who gonna walk in that path

and of course, ask Allah for guidance
for He know what the best for us.
everything happen with a hikmah hidden behind it.
so chill,relax and pray :)

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